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A sign from the universe

So here’s the thing, everyone at some point in their life will struggle.

A few years ago, I experienced a breakdown. I had always suffered with anxiety, but this was different. I was feeling low, unmotivated, I had lost my identity after becoming a mum, I started to isolate myself from friends and family and I didn’t really know where to get help or how I could help myself.

I never felt at any point that I didn’t want to be here, I just struggled to face the day ahead. My life had changed a lot and I had been under a huge amount of stress. I didn’t really know how to deal with that. I figured my only option was to go to the GP because something had to give.

I was told it was likely PND (Post Natal Depression) as my son was only a few months old and I was offered anti-depressants and sleeping tablets but I kindly declined. I think the doctors do a fantastic job but how many people do you think put off getting help because they don’t want to waste the doctors time or don’t want to turn to medication. Imagine there was somewhere you could turn to first that would help you work on yourself.

Here is my disclaimer – I am NOT against medication and I believe it really does help a lot of people. For me personally in my own experience it would have been more helpful if I had been introduced to a life coach and been taught the techniques I know now in order to help myself. 

What is a Life Coach and what do they do?

They help people dive into self-discovery, break their harmful cycles, work on personal development, learn about self-love and most importantly how to take control of their mind. Sounds good right? 

I will be honest, I was never one for believing in energy, manifesting or meditating. I found it all a bit airy fairy and didn’t have it down as my kind of thing, but like it or not I was sending out a vibration to the universe that I was on the wrong path, feeling lost and that I needed help.

The universe listened and things started to align. I crossed paths with people who would teach me how to make that all important shift in mindset and learn the skills I needed to completely change my life. The universe has a funny way of putting you in touch with the right people at the right time.Iit could be the reason you are reading this now, and if you haven’t read or listened to ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne then here is my first recommendation. 

So, I worked hard on my mindset, I tuned into my inner voice and learnt how to become aware of my own thoughts and how I was speaking to myself (something that is very powerful). I learnt about perspective and I started to put myself first. I introduced non-negotiable tasks into my daily routine and finally, I was in a good place. 

One afternoon I was at home and I had a thought: What if I could help others? What if people had somewhere to go when they felt stuck or lost like I did? What if I could show people all of the ways I have learnt to change how I speak to myself and how I view myself? What if I could help people? 

I never had myself down as a coach but something inside of me was saying “take action”. It was my lightbulb moment. I enrolled on the courses I needed, done my studies, and got my certificates. It wasn’t on my career plan, It was something totally new and the urge to pursue it had come out of nowhere. 

Could I really do something like this? I figured if it was meant to be, the universe would give me a sign. Crazy right? 

So guess what…shortly after getting my certificates but still figuring out how this could possibly work for me, random things began to happen: Someone pulled me aside to thank me for helping him through a difficult time, without realising I had been working my life coaching magic on him and set him up with a more positive perspective on his situation.

Then I received a direct message on social media from a girl who said she looks forward to my posts as she feels like she can relate. I had someone come to me for advice and then tell me “you should be doing this professionally” Who knew? I was actually helping people and turns out I was pretty good at it.

I decided to voice my life coaching plans to a heavily skeptic friend and her response was “Kaireen I’ve always said, If anyone will make something for themselves it will be you, do you need a guinea-pig?”. I had asked the universe for signs and here they were. 

Despite the fact we were facing a global pandemic I knew that now more than ever was the right time to jump into this.

I knew that everything I had been through in the past was all to get me to this point. I was finally in the right place doing the right thing.

My higher purpose. (if you don’t know what this means, we need to chat!) How many of us accept that this is our life now? Full of stress and anxiety. That we are not meant to feel good or be great or go for those big dreams. How many people are not even aware of their inner voice or their true potential. How many feel lost or stuck but don’t know how to get help. 

Stop telling yourself that this is it, if you want more, go out and get more… 

• Self-belief 

• Confidence 

• Abundance 

• Inner Peace 

You can have it all. 

If you think you could benefit from seeing a life coach or just want to find out more about what I do then get in touch, I would love to help. 

Take care, 

Kaireen x

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