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If you cut or scratch your leg does it mean that it’s broken?  


It just needs time to heal.  

The same goes for our mind, sometimes the effects of life can leave us with scars but it doesn’t mean that we are broken, we simply need to heal ourselves. I am writing this blog and working as a life coach because I have been there, I have been scarred and it took me a long time to find and gather the resources that taught me how to heal.  

There is a lot of great tools out there it’s just not easy knowing where to find them or even where to start looking and I knew when I started to really improve the quality of my life that I wanted to share everything I had learnt with others.

That is what I love about being a life coach. That is exactly what I do, I coach. I am not a medical professional, I am not a therapist, I cannot diagnose or medically advise you. I can only take you as deep as I have been myself and show you how I learnt to break away from social conditioning and heal from the scars of life. How I managed to work on my confidence, self-belief, mindset and happiness.

“A healer is not someone who heals you, a healer is someone that triggers within you the ability to heal yourself.” 

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